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19 April, 2018
MP set to complete its 2016-2018 Strategic Plan this year
19 April, 2018
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MP CARevolution

The MP CARevolution cabins, introduced onto the market in 2015, already account for 60% of our sales.
The AMBIENTUM cabin model is one of the most valued by our clients who want to offer passengers greater value thanks to its versatility and originality.
Within the AMBIENTUM range, we find the AMBIENTUM JL* range which offers the possibility of having photographs from our gallery or photographs sent by the client on the walls and button pad and the AMBIENTUM COLOR range that offered a variety of eight colors until February 2018.
In March, taking advantage of the fact that some finishes had to be removed from the catalog by decision of our supplier (AC3, AC6, and AC8), the colours AC9 (RAL 1236) and AC 10 (RAL 9006) have been added, and the PERSONALISED range is offered as a NEW FEATURE.
With this new option, clients can indicate a specific RAL for the walls and button pad of their order.
*JL: this name comes from the initials of our colleague Javier Lucea who shared his passion for photography throughout the design phase, adding his own creations to the gallery.

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