On November 16th, MP Lifts participated in the event ” Jornada Sectorial de Elevación de Andalucía ” and collaborated as sponsor in the event organised by the Business Association of Lifts in Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla (AEA-ANCEME) and the Association of Small and Medium-sized Companies of Lifts in Andalusia (PYMESA), with the collaboration of the Spanish Business Federation of Lifts (FEEDA) and the Spanish Federation of SMEs of Lifts (FEPYMA).

Experts in the lift sector met in Antequera, Málaga to discuss advances in security and solutions in accessibility.

The day was developed through three working groups on different topics that affect the lifting sector. The common objective was for the sector to gain prestige and to improve the quality and safety of lifts even more.

Sebastián Fierro, Spain & Portugal country manager participated as a speaker during the day at the workshops with the following topics:

Inspection and New Regulations“, this dealt with issues related to the application of the new EN81-20/50 regulation in lifts in Europe and, above all, safety matters regarding lifts and the procedures to be followed and put in place for their inspection and control.

Accessibility: Current Situation and Solutions“, focused on two parts:

In the first part, the need to create and design specific regulation for the control of safety and its elements was discussed, for lifting devices that are not governed by lift regulations, which includes the minimum protocols at the time of their start-up and the need for periodic maintenance and review of elements to ensure their safety.

In the second part, the different accessibility options available on the market were discussed (lifting platforms, stairlifts, etc.), making special mention of the new digital media that facilitates the interaction between users with physical deficiencies and the machine (voice communication, specific apps, etc.).