MP’s solutions to help fight Covid-19: safe spaces for passengers

Passenger safety has always been a priority here at MP.

From the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, MP has focused on making lifts safe spaces for those who use them. As such, it has focused on three areas:

    • Air inside the car.
    • Surfaces which passengers come into contact with: buttons, walls, handrails and door handles.
    • Social distancing between passengers using lifts.

We have created a comprehensive range of solutions relating to these three aspects, all of which are fully compliant with health authority recommendations:

    • Airborne transmission: air purification by way of UV-C LEDs and constant air flow.
    • Direct contact transmission:

* Adhesive film with antimicrobial properties.

* MP CallMyLift: an app that allows users to avoid contact with lift buttons by selecting their destination from their mobile phone.

* Cleaning of car surfaces with disinfectant.

    • Social distancing:

* ‘Lift full’ feature to ensure social distancing.

* ‘Direct journey’ feature (lift goes from A to B without stopping).

* Footprint floor stickers to ensure social distancing.

Safety measures have also been created for escalator passengers, for whom we have designed a germicidal device that uses UV-C LEDs to clean handrails, as well as footprint floor stickers to make sure they maintain social distancing.


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