Seville is Industry

The Metal Business Federation, FEDEME and the Seville Provincial Council, edit in 2021, the first edition of the “Metal Companies Directory” in 2021, with the aim of promoting the outstanding role of the Seville metal industry and its subsectors.

FEDEME has highlighted that “Far from what one would think, the metal industry in Seville is not only metallurgy and the manufacture of metal products. Is that and much more. The metal industry has a wide range of sub-sectors under its broad umbrella, including automotive; aeronautics; auxiliary metalworking industry; installation; industrial assembly; manufacturing; mining; elevation; structural engineering; metal trade; service stations and manufacturers of machinery and capital goods”.

In the video, titled “Seville: industry excellence in Southern Europe”, testimonials are collected from managers of tractor companies to back this up and its auxiliary industry such as Cobre las Cruces (First Quantum Minerals); Santa Bárbara Systems (General Dynamics European Land Systems);the Renault factory in Seville ot UMI Aeronáutica; JIMECA; MP Ascensores; Hispacold y Eucomsa.

Here you can see the directory of the metal companies in Seville, integrated in this first edition by more than 200.