Seville Underground users rate the service of the escalators and lifts with a score of 8.8.

We work to make mobility on public transport in Seville more accessible. State-of-the-art technology at your service to make your life easier.


The Seville underground has carried out a satisfaction survey among its users last May 2020, achieving the best score from users in its history: 8.4.

MP has installed and maintains the lifts and escalators in all the facilities in Seville so that they work every day without any unexpected problems:

    • 45 Lifts and 53 Escalators
    • 2 permanent technicians + 7 technicians on rotation
    • 8 hours per day on night shift
    • 24-hour priority assistance
    • 12 Years in Maintenance

17 million people are transported every year on this means of public transport, where every night the MP maintenance technicians work to ensure that the facilities work and provide an extraordinary daily service.

The lifts are equipped with highly efficient Gearless technology, without machine room, with panoramic cabins and doors that serve a very high level of traffic due to the large influx of passengers, and since 2020, they have incorporated new software that keeps the doors open for a period of time after a service for better ventilation of the cabins.

Escalators designed for very high traffic in accordance with the requirements of Metro stations. They are also equipped with speed control systems that provide a higher level of energy efficiency and high quality materials such as NT-3000 handrails.

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